Sunday, November 2, 2014

VALS Survey

           After taking the VALS survey I actually realized things about myself that i never really paid attention to before. The results that I received from the survey were Innovators and Experiencers. When looking at the Innovator type that I got, I saw a lot of things in the description that actually do represent me. Things like images being important to me, but only because I like to express myself. I am also always looking to challenge myself, and love problem solving both of which are properties of an innovator. Now onto the experiencer results, this one was actually pretty accurate as well. As an experiencer it states that I become enthusiastic about new things, and opportunities, which is very true. I am always excited to try new things, but what really got me attention was it said something to an extent of that i find outlets for my energy through "exercise, sports, outdoor recreation, and social activities. This was actually spot on. Considering my major is sports communication, I love sports and activities that involve exercise, especially ones with a social component.
            I felt over all that the results from the survey were an absolute representation of myself and my characteristics as a whole. As a consumer i feel like this survey does appeal to people considering a lot of the explanation is about having "cool" or nice things. This can effect what people think they need to have or buy. If they are told that they should have nice and fancy things then any person would want them more, it is just a part of nature.
            Taking this survey was actually really fun and definitely interesting. I especially enjoyed the limited questions needed to find out my results, which were so accurate. I am very glad that i got the opportunity to take this survey.